Water Coils™



Model: W032

  • Flow Requirements (40 GPM/151 LPM (4 Coils) )
  • Water Conserving Version
  • Dimensions (Height: 5′-1″/155 CM)


This inviting play component utilizes fan jet nozzles to creates screens of water through which children can pass through. Four helical coils are standard, order as many, or few, as needed for your design. These features are commonly used in transition areas of the pad and can be a major contributor in the traffic pattern of the play area.


Brass nozzles & stainless steel construction

Low profile rounded flanges are easy on the feet and reduce toe-stubbing

Coated with Aqua Armor – the most durable Chlorine, UV and vandal resistant coating in the industry

Interchangeable with other spray features

ADA and ASTM compliant



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