Triple Mist

Triple Mist water play

The Triple Mist creates a dense cooling effect with a cluster of three misting nozzles. This ground spray feature mounts flush with the finished surface and has crowned top-plate to allow water to fall away from the nozzles as to not disrupt the water effect. This feature is available in with a natural cast brass finish or coated in Aqua Armor™ with a textured slip-resistant finish.


Model #


Age Group

All Ages

Spray Zone



Water Play flow requirementsFlow Requirements

11 LPM

Water Play Conserving informationWater Conserving Version


Water Play dimensionsDimensions

122 CM



• Can be theme-painted for a unique look

• Precision-machined brass and stainless steel nozzles for a long-lasting spray effect

• Interchangeable with other ground sprays

• Low flow for water conservation